Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

Its is a well known fact that mediation leads to good health, mental peace, memory power and helps in spiritual growth.

When people mediate inside a pyramid, the results will be much more effective and faster.

Meditation inside a pyramid enables attaining meditative state three times faster then outside and gives tremendous healing benefits

Pyramid energy improves physical health and helps in getting out-of-body chakras in our energy body and enables activation of third-eye. Pyramids have power to crate positive vibrations and influence the surroundings. Science has explained that different structures and different colors influence human mind.

Pyramids benefits Students:-

Mediation done by students using pyramid energy has immense benefits such as increased concentration, enhanced memory power, increased confidence level, clearer intellect and reduces the mental tension. Pyramid meditation helps students to face exams easily. they can prepare for exams well without any stress and also remember whatever they have read.

Healing with pyramid energy:-

If you want to have relief from head ache, body ache, sinus or such physical ailments, do regular pyramid meditation minimum for thirty minutes by wearing a pyramid cap or under a hanging pyramid.

For permanent relief from chronic diseases like asthma, heart pain eat., meditate daily minimum for thirty minuts use a pyramid (chest pyramid). To get rid of back pain, do meditate by keeping a pyramid on your back.

If you have a knee problem or elbow problem, do use knee pyramid on that particular part, and meditate for thirty minutes both in the morning and evening.

Also, drink pyramid charged water regularly for faster healing and better remedy.

Different Types of pyramids

Pyramid power is directly proportional to the number of pyramids constructed. inclusion of more number of internal pyramids with a big pyramid will multiply the pyramid energy enormously. Adding more crystals in a pyramid will further increase pyramid power. "More Pyramids - More Power "

Benefits of Pyramid:-

1) Pyramid Cap:-

Pyramid cap can be used by all types of people at all ages and can be used for meditation at any place. One can wear the pyramid cap while studying, working in office or at home. Pyramid caps can be carried anywhere. They are very light and easy to transport.

Wearing a pyramid cap helps in meditation to attain thought-free stage of mid faster, especially for beginners.

Water Bearer:-

Water stored in a pyramid becomes more energetic and pure. Pyramid charged water has cosmetic value and can be used in beauty clinics. it gives skin a healthy and youthful glow. Water kept overnight, under a pyramid is very good for drinking purpose, as it improves digestion. Pyramid water can also be used as an after-shave location.

Eye Pyramid:-

In this modern computer age, the youth suffer more from eye related problems. To get rid of all such problems and to have quick relief, one should use eye pyramid. An eye pyramid improves eye sight. These spectacles are comfortable to wear, cushioned with belt. To increase the power of eye pyramids, two crystals and twenty small pyramids are provided.

"91" Metal Pyramid :-

Its contains 91 internal pyramids and also one crystal. This pyramid can be used either for mounting on a wall or hanging from ceiling.

It is a multipurpose pyramid. If you can get this pyramid fixed above your working desk, it will provide you continuous energy while you are occupied with work.

Many mediators endorsed their experiences of receiving huge cosmic energy and could reach thought-free stage of mind, while mediating under the hunging Pyramid.

"2X2" Metal Pyramid:-

Its contains 820 pyramids and "one-inch" crystal. People who suffer from insomnia do get normal sleep without any problem beneath this pyramid.

Further, sleeping under a pyramid helps to recover from discomfort or disease symptoms lie fever, aches etc. Children who may restlessly cry during night time do sleep well under the pyramid without causing any disturbance to their parents or others.

"4x4 " Wooden Pyramid:-

Its contains 1094 pyramids, 9 crystals, and 91 wooden pyramids.

A 4'x4' Pyramid is very very powerful! When a 4'x4' pyramid is fixed in the center of a big hall, it covers the entire area and gives very high positive vibrations in the house.


The Word " Pramid" is derived from the Greek Word. "Pyro" means "Prie" and "amid" means "at the Center". Therefore, Pyramid means the fire in the center.

" Pyramid a store-house of cosmic Energy"

Pyramids are clever devices that act as store-houses of cosmic energy. it is a geometrical structure having four isosceles triangles constructed on the basis of certain scientific principles.

When all the four sides of the pyramid are in place, they form a angle of 52 degrees 51 minutes to the base, consequently the energy starts accumulating below the pyramidal structure.

A pyramid must be perfectly aligned to the Four cardinal points... i.e.., north, south, east and west.

Pyramid energy is maximum at 1/3rd of the distance from the base to the apex and directly below the base. This place is beautifully called as " king's Chamber"

"Pyramid mediation" :

When we simply sit or meditate inside a pyramid. We will receive abundant cosmic energy. We easily attain a thought free state of mind, thrice faster, when we sit in a pyramid.. With regular practice of meditation a permanent peaceful mind is attained. If we can think calmly, we will be able to judge better and take right decisions in our day-to- day life and understand truth.

"Construction of pyramids"

Construction of a roof-toop or a ground pyramid can help every house to receive cosmic energy. People who reside in such houses will automatically receive the benefits of pyramid's healing energy . Construction of a pyramid in each and every house, office, school and industry is essential to obtain significant amounts of cosmic energy.

Pyramid can be made with any type of material. What is important is its angle. Use of crystals in a pyramid will further enhance the cosmic energy levels...

(All this information is give by Pyramid Spiritual Societies movement , India)

Training The Mind How To Behave

In one sense to control the mind is to train it to behave. It is like catching a wild horse and turning it into a circus horse to do feats to order. How is it done?

Before we can control the mind we must study it.

We have to seize this unstable mind and drag it from its wanderings and fix it on one idea. Over and over again this mush be done. By power of will we must get hold of the mind and make it stop and reflect upon the glory of god.

The easiest way to get hold of the mind is to sit silent and let it we see where mind will go a while. Hold fast to the idea, then see it think as if it were a thing entirely a part from yourself. Identify yourself with god, never with matter or with the mind picture the mind as a calm lake stretched before your and thoughts that come with in a second and go as bubbles rise. Make no effort to control the thoughts, but watch them and follow them in imaginations as they float away. This will gradually lessen the circles. For the mind ranges over wide circles of thought and those circles widen out into ever increasing circles, as in a pond when we throw a stone into it. We want to reverse the process and starting with a huge circle make it narrower until at last we can fix the mind on one point and make it say there. Hold to the idea and watch the mind each day the identification of yourself with thought and feeling will grow less, until at last you can know entirely separate yourself from the mind.

We shall be surprised to see, when we begin this practice, how many hideous thoughts will come to our mind. As the practice continues the turbulence of the mind may increase for some time. But ht more detached from our minds we shall find it possible to feel our selves, the less will be its pranks. Gradually its vagaries will lose all vigour under the penetrating gaze of the observer, and finally the mind will become like a circus horse, vigorous but disciplined. We should for some time deliberately watch our minds every day at regular intervals. And this should continue as long as the mind needs to be taught how to behave.

Art Of Meditations!

Meditations is the daily labor which much be done with willingness, joy and ease. It is a process of unfolding your soul-flower and radiating your spiritual fragrance. Meditation and contemplation not only help us to assimilate the teaching but also help us to actualize the great principles of the ‘Ageless wisdom’. Many centuries ago a master of meditations gave precious instruction on the art of meditation. He was called Patanjali.

Ageless Wisdom cannot be assimilated except through the art of meditation and contemplation.

Patanjali recommended that serious mediators do their meditations through four viewpoints thinking on the object of meditation by considering its form Quality, purpose, cause, the mind has seven levels. The lowest levels are called form levels. Here you think on the quality, you go to a little higher level of mind, which is occupied with qualitative thinking.

Then your go the purpose, and by meditation on the purpose your raise the focus of your mind to still higher levels of mind.

When your meditate on the subject from the view point of cause, your raise your focus of consciousness to the highest levels of mind which think in terms of causes.

Real thinking, even unconsciously, always utilizes these four viewpoints and creates a balance between form levels and abstract levels.

Those who do right meditation improve their lives, recognize these results, and strive toward greater realization.

Meditation is the best natural method to create tension of spirit and lead us to ecstasy of heart. Through meditation, we develop a faculty of seeing things as they are and of refusing the things that are imposed upon us. Meditation makes us to have our own thought, our own viewpoints.

True meditation produces ecstasy, rapture of heart. It is important to have raptures of heart in which you feel free, glorious, uplifted, and expanded in consciousness, in which your feel one with beauty.

But such raptures are not healthy for your mechanisms if they do not reflect into a dedicated labor to prepare other to take such moments in their life and make their and make their life a tool of transformation for still others. The ageless wisdom can be understood though meditation and sacrificial service.

Pyramid means Pyra-mid

Fire is known as “Agni” in Sanskrit. It has many other meanings too in Sanskrit. The deeper meaning of fire in relation to life force, body or a cell is initiation or firing, triggering or motivation activity at the genetic code or the center of our floppy disk.

The Egyptian masters had already understood the deeper meaning of fire and had devised the pyramid according to that purpose. According to them pyramid is divided in to two parts-“Pyra and mid”

Pyra means fire, the initiator at the center core or nuclei. mid means in the middle. Center is very important, the “ master key” to unlock the secrets within.

Though only very little is known about pyramids today, they are a scientifically designed instruments with holistic approach.

The complete detailed know knowledge of stars, galaxy, sun, planets, earth’s dimensions, amount of land and water on earth, rotating speed of magnetic field, gravity , wind ,time, space and energy, life force and the aspect of body, mind and spirit is seen in the making the Pyramid. Its perfect creation owes itself to this deeper knowledge.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression is a new age holistic therapy during which the subject is taken into altered states of consciousness. Memories of his/her past lives which are not accessible during normal waling consciousness are accessed during altered states of consciousness. The subject is taken into deeper levels of relaxation using hypnotic/ non-hypnotic bridge techniques during which he/she re-experiences , relives the childhood period and mother’s womb period, and gradually moves into one or more past lives. During this period, the subject can describe the previous present life and past life memories verbally and subject continues to remember the experience even after coming out of the state.


Past Life Regression Therapy can be helpful in many different areas, phobias, irrational fears, health problems, understanding sating disorders, family dysfunction, death, marital and relationships problems. It defuses negative patterns, finding the reasons for present life difficulties and setting positive change in motion.

It can change your life dramatically, eliminating guilt and anxiety. It will help you to develop your potential, unlock latent talents, create better understanding of others, reveal your life purpose and reason for incarnating and initiates new patterns of response, not reactions. By rewriting your life script, you can remove outworn emotional and doctrinaire conditioning and attune to an immortal spiritual being on a human journey.

Future Progression

Experiencing the probable future gives a direction, clarity of mind, and even healing. As Sath said, “ you create your own reality, not some of it, not most of it, but all of it”.

Reshaping reframing and reprogramming your life is possible through future progression by traveling forward in time in future progression.